Growing your company is hard work

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Not only do you have to put in the daily effort to maintain your success, but you also have to deal with nagging fears and worries about profitability, cash flow, and expenses. Lucky for you, we’re no stranger to hard work, either. 

CAP3 was founded specifically to give small business owners peace of mind. It all started 12 years ago, when Rob was working in a small CPA firm. A client came in to discuss his tax returns and was shocked to see how much he owed. The problem was the business owner had already committed to buying a new piece of equipment and had spent a large portion of his cash, and now, was facing a very large tax bill. As the client was leaving, he mentioned that he wished he would have known that he was going to owe such a significant amount. That day, CAP3 was born.

We’re not a CPA firm, we're not a consulting firm, and we're not virtual CFOs. We are whatever you need us to be. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get dirty. Need a bookkeeper? No problem. Need someone to pay your bills? Done. Having problems with suppliers? We’re on it. Want to bounce some ideas for growth off of people who have seen it happen? Just ask.  

If you’ve been seeking clarity around how your business is doing, if cash flow issues have been keeping you awake at night, or if you want to be supported by a team of experts and a community of business owners, reach out for a consultation today. By working with us, you’ll turn those business challenges into big changes.


Client Testimonials  

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What You’ll Get

Cash budgets management CFO

Cash Management

Daily and weekly cash account monitoring and budgeting

Cash projections up to 13 weeks on a rolling basis

Simplified cash flow reports to help you see where your money went each month

Accounting reports correction, internal training, outsourcing CFO

Accounting Reports

Review & correction of current books

Training for your internal accounting department

Implementing the best policies that help keep you on track

Business Intelligence, external CFO outsourcing finances

Business Intelligence

Accurate financial statements such as Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets

Development of annual goal-based budgets to ensure you can achieve your ownership dreams

Custom dashboard displays to measure key metrics & vitals in a way that makes sense to you

Strategic Planning, Consulting, advice, investment

Strategic Planning

Tax planning and preparation options

Business planning to help you figure out where you want to go and how to get there

 Five-year strategic budgeting and goal development


Your business deserves our expertise.